California: Better for Republicans

According to Nancy Pelosi, the road to her becoming again Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives runs through California. Her goal is to win the seats that Hillary Clinton carried in the 2016 elections. These include seats that were in the old conservative bastion of Orange County.

After the recent primary in California, that may be a little more difficult than originally thought by the Democrats. The reason: Republicans actually received more votes than Democrats in 4 of 5 of these seats.

CA 25: Congressman Steve Knight is on the Democrats target list. Clinton won this district 50 to 43 percent. In the jungle primary where all candidates run no matter their party, Knight received 52.8 % of all ballots cast to 47.2% for all Democrats combined.

CA 39: Congressman Ed Royce is retiring from this seat where the Hispanic population is rising fast and the Asian population even faster. Young Kim (a Republican) came in first. In second place Gil Cisneros (the Democrat) sets up the November election. The total Republican vote cast was 46,407 versus a total for Democrats of 37,873. Young Kim can win this seat if she runs a good campaign. (Clinton won this district by 8 percentage points.)

CA 45: Congresswoman Mimi Walters is also on the Democrats target list. Clinton carried this district by 5 percentage points. The Republican vote total here in the primary was 54,623 versus 45,673 for the Democrats.

CA 48: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is being heavily targeted by the Democrats (Clinton won the district by 48% to 46%). Once again Republicans outpolled Democrats. This time the margin was 58,080 to 50,266.

CA 49: This is the only one of the five districts discussed where Democrats outpolled Republicans but not by much. Darrell Issa is retiring. The totals were close: the Democrats received 56,488 to 54,136 for the Republicans.

What does the above show? It shows that Republicans must run solid races in each of these districts but they can win even after the Democrats spent millions of dollars to weaken incumbents and hurt conservative challengers in open seats.

The Democrats can take back the House and win some of these seats if we don't go all out to help conservative candidates.

U.S. House Conservatives and Trump Administration Start Clawing Back Overspending

From the House Republican Study Committee:

President Trump transmitted a special message to Congress reporting 38 rescissions totaling $15.4 billion. This is the largest single rescissions package ever proposed. &

RSC Members are commending the President and OMB Director Mulvaney for presenting this package to Congress. They believe it should be quickly passed through both Chambers and sent back to the President for signature. The Impoundment Control Act is just one of many tools conservatives can use to fulfill a promise to the American people and begin the process of getting federal spending under control. Many Members would like to see this as the first of many rescission packages.

In a recent poll of its members, 100% of RSC Members said the House should work with the President to pass a rescission bill and 71% said they would like to see rescissions reach over $60 billion.

What RSC Members are saying:

"When I saw the [$11 billion] amount reported this morning, my reaction was that it was a good start but it is certainly not enough. And [I] would hope that this effort would lead to a larger effort to overhaul significant federal spending in the months ahead before the end of the Congress. That is certainly what my district expects us to do & to rein in federal spending."
-Rep. Jim Banks

"Congress should pursue another rescission package that would cancel spending in the omnibus signed March 23 by Trump. There is nothing that stops them from delivering another rescission package in a month that includes money from this omnibus,"
-Rep. Ken Buck

"There's no denying it, Washington has a spending problem. I support President Trump's decision to cut wasteful government programs and roll back over $15 billion in spending."
-Rep. Kevin Brady

"Rescissions, Great tool to clean out the spending underbrush. Hasn't been used in almost 20 yrs. And it gets us around the Senate filibuster! A big win for the American people. Thanks @MickMulvaneyOMB & @POTUS"
-Rep. Tom Graves

Republican Open House seats November 2018

To date, over thirty Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives have announced they will not be seeking re-election in November 2018. Most will be retiring from politics. The dozen plus running for Senator or Governor have their names in italics in the list included in the blog post with the same headline as this alert.

Many are solid conservatives. Some are not. Conservatives need to win as many of these seats are possible. Conservative Victory Fund will be involved in the campaigns for many of these seats to help ensure conservatives are elected.

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